Roving Entertainment

Elevate your event with Matica's strolling entertainment services, perfect for a wide range of occasions including corporate gatherings, festivals, private parties, and municipal events. Our unique performers bring next level spectacle to your event, whether they're dancing and hula hooping on stilts or showcasing their juggling skills atop a towering 6-foot unicycle. These captivating acts are designed to delight audiences of all ages and are accompanied by an extensive selection of bespoke, professional costumes that add joy and wonder to the experience.
We also offer jugglers, hula hoopers contortionists, aerialists, face and henna painters and other top acts.
Matica's 'Circus in a Suitcase" is an interactive addition for festivals, street fairs, and parties, promising an exhilarating hands-on experience. A vibrant circus activity station where children and adults alike learn juggling, balancing a spinning plate, twirling a devil stick, high tosses of the Chinese yo-yo and hula hooping. We cultivate an empowering atmosphere, ensuring that circus enthusiasts leave the event with smiles, laughter, and cherished memories. Don't miss this chance to infuse your event with the thrill of the big top! We also do circus workshops and residencies

I call on Heidi and Joel to accomplish a tremendous task: to dissolve the barriers that exist between teens from Hartford and and teens from rural's magical to see these teens that arrived on two separate buses from entirely different environments come together over a drumming session or to practice juggling...Heidi and Joel are amazing people and excellent role models for teens to look up to.

Michelle Rawcliffe, YMCA, Camp Woodstock