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Greetings!- Friends, family, colleagues, clients-we welcome you in our first newsletter!!!! 

We are super excited to share the news about our new studio with you! Over the past year and a half, Heidi, Joel and Heidi's dad Charles have been working almost non-stop, building new studios at the Matica homestead. We are feeling pretty blessed. 

These studios, Thrive Movement Studio, house the programs that we have been teaching all over CT (and beyond) for many years. It means so much for us to have an inspiring space to train, practice, create, work and teach! The community support and excitement we have felt already has been amazing, really. We will also be able to do things we couldn't easily do before, like trapeze, aerials and slackline. This is a long held dream-come-reality for us. We can now get back to creating a new circus show that has been on the back burner for years!!!  We will continue to teach in other programs and schools, but have this in addition. 

The studios were build with local lumber, much from our woodlot and milled at Charles Kirchofer's mill. Non-toxic and organic paints, wall compounds and urethane were used and many materials were salvaged and "Up-cycled." We thank all of our friends who lent tools, bartered or gave us fair prices for labor and materials, Wendy Kirchofer who watches the boys while we work and to Charles Kirchofer, who made it possible and will never be able to thank enough.

Please join us Sunday Sept 7 for our
with free classes (and some hang out time) for adults and kids all day!!!! 
Please see details here: The day starts at 10am with yoga!!

Matica continue performing all over and have a super busy fall coming up.
Thrive is offering classes this fall in our favorite moving art forms!!! For people age 3->adult - Capoeira, Trapeze and Fabric, yoga, Circus. Homeschool and evening classes. Please click for a full schedule.

 Maia roseWe are also offering a hula hoop workshop  "Hooping for the Soul": with the Amazing Maya Rose! She is just heading out of town so catch her lovely self before she's gone!!! It will  exploration of limitless creativity and self expression within the circle. We will play, dance & get a great workout! You can see more about her at Shiva Shakti Hoop Dance on Facebook
Sept 14th 1-2:15. $15. kids, teens adults

This summer we held our first Summer Circus Camp that went so fantastically well. We had 22 sweet, inspired, creative circus kids from age 5-14 who performed an amazing show for an audience of 100!
photo at right by Michelle Zava

We also had a 4 week adult intro to Aerial Fabric class with 6 inspired and excited women.

We also want to announce auditions for the Middletown based, super awesome Circophony Youth Circus Company.  See more at

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We will soon launch, but until then see us on the Matica site!

Best, to all of you and thank you for the support!
Heidi and Joel

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