Matica's classes for adults and children

Matica's classes for adults and children
Matica offer workshops and residencies in Circus Arts, Creative Movement, Aerial Arts (trapeze and silks) and Capoeira in schools and facilities and at their studio, Thrive Movement Studio:

They also offer innovative art-integrated, curriculum-linked programs: Whole Body Mathematics (dance and math for preK-3rd grade) and Capoeira: Brasil's Struggle for Freedom through Strength (World History/Capoeira. Gr 5-8)

Heidi and Joel,
Thank you for a great job!
You both were wonderful and pulled a tremendous audience of very involved children. The children were in awe of your amazing talent and feats. Parents and children alike were at full attention to your every move and entertaining display. What more could be asked.

Carol, KidsPlay museum co-ordinator