Whole Body Math

Whole Body Math
Whole Body Math(prek -2nd grade) is an innovative math program that explores numbers and math through the physical body. Students of all grades will be encouraged to move dynamically and creatively while crossing the mid-line, exploring new movement and balance all while doing math!. Grades preK-2 will play moving math games to solidify numerical concepts. Kindergartners will focus on addition and subtraction by moving their bodies through space and in patterns. Grades 1 and 2 will learn fractions and time while moving and becoming parts of a whole. In addition, 2nd grade students will learn to measure with non standard and standard units and log their long jumps on bar graphs. Heidi uses tools she has created like fraction mats, giant dice and a movement key.
This program is part of the Hartford Performs and Arts for Learning CT rosters and schools should contact AFLCT to book the program

Heidi and Joel,
Thank you for a great job!
You both were wonderful and pulled a tremendous audience of very involved children. The children were in awe of your amazing talent and feats. Parents and children alike were at full attention to your every move and entertaining display. What more could be asked.

Carol, KidsPlay museum co-ordinator