Brasil's Struggle for Freedom Through Strength

This exciting single or multi-day workshop teaches students world history through the art of Capoeira. Capoeira is a unique Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, dance, music and acrobatics. All Capoeira students learn the history behind Capoeira and the story of the people and places that brought it to life. They will gain an understanding of how events around slavery were connected to geography and tied to civics and economics. Capoeira students develop physically, emotionally and mentally as they learn challenging movements, to play traditional instruments, and sing in Portuguese. Capoeira was developed more than 400 years ago by African slaves who were training to gain their freedom. Students will understand that there are still relevant lessons to learn from Capoeira today. Capoeira is considered a game and is accompanied by musicians (fellow Capoeiristas) who play instruments specific to the art form. Accommodations can be made for students' disabilities. Though this workshop incorporates a lot of learning, the emphasis is on moving and FUN!

I call on Heidi and Joel to accomplish a tremendous task: to dissolve the barriers that exist between teens from Hartford and and teens from rural's magical to see these teens that arrived on two separate buses from entirely different environments come together over a drumming session or to practice juggling...Heidi and Joel are amazing people and excellent role models for teens to look up to.

Michelle Rawcliffe, YMCA, Camp Woodstock