Matica Arts Circus and World Music

Matica provides high-rise, and roving entertainment for your event from stilts and a 7ft unicycle! Check out Joel's novel 3 wheel uni!
Matica don neat, colorful and fun costume.
Stilt costumes include: Monarch butterfly, Fairy (purple tones), Spirit of the Wind, flamingo,cowgirl, circusy fun, a patriotic "Auntie Sammy."
Custom costumes can also be created for your event!
Matica also books jugglers, contortionists, aerialists, face and henna painters and other top artists.
 Matica's open suitcase/interactive entertainment is very popular and works well at festivals and events large or small (including birthday parties!) or where activities are more "drop in." Matica sets up a circus station and droves of children and adults come and learn to juggle and try out the many unique circus toys Matica brings. These include: juggling balls, diabolo, devil stick, spinning plates, a really big rolling globe and unicycles- plus lots of encouragement and positivity!
Roving Entertainment Picture Gallery
Roving Entertainment Picture Gallery